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Claire Holt Might Return To ‘The Originals’

It isn’t an easy choice for anyone, but Australian actress Claire Holt has revealed she quit the hit The Vampire Diaries spin-off, The…

Everyone has been giving the company, and Claire Holt so much junk for her choice. I get it, we miss her character, which has become so very important to us, but being hateful is not the way to win her back to the states, and possibly the CW. We have all been homesick before, Claire Holt is no different, except her home is thousands of miles away from where she was filming her show. She played a main role on ‘The Originals,’ and probably had very little down time to see her family across the world. I say… Claire, we miss you, we hope you and your family are very happy, and we look forward to your return to your vampire family whenever you’re ready to make that happen.

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Editor • March 26, 2014

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  • Hear, hear

  • L

    she missed her family but its written in a way she could come back&i hope she does when she is able