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No, that’s not color-IZE. By no means should anyone attempt to alter that film’s glorious black-and-white. It would be like hiring somebody to repaint the Sistine Chapel with cans of spray paint. No, I mean to color it literally. As in, there is now a NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD coloring book, with page after page of gorgeous ghoulish artwork just waiting for you to unleash your inner Rembrandt and bring to vivid life.

Alright, I shouldn’t get ahead of myself. The book isn’t available yet. The artwork is done, but the creators need to scrounge some cash for printing costs. That’s where you come in. All you have to do is preorder a copy. They’re only twenty bucks each, and your support will help guarantee you’ll soon be holding one of these beauties in your hands. They only need $5000 to get the copiers fired up. You know you want one. In fact, why don’t you buy more than one? They’d make a great Christmas gift. I’d like to get mine early, though, so you could send it to me as a late birthday present. (Yeah, I just had one.)

Who knows, if this project ends up being a success, maybe there’s a chance we’ll get a Blind Zombie coloring book next!

TheCheezman • September 16, 2018

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