Come Goth, Come All

Two weeks ago, some friends and I ventured off onto the streets of the concrete jungle (otherwise known as New York City) to celebrate a birthday. We had an entire check-list of things to do and had eagerly anticipated running into local celebrities. However, there was one stop on our route that we couldn’t miss for one reason or another, and that was the Goth night at the Pyramid night club.

A week prior to haunting old watering holes, I was putting together the guest of honor’s to-do list and came across a must-do event thanks to a local website offering all things dark, Gothic, and dead … basically, if I didn’t add Goth night to the list, I would have regretted it forever. And to be perfectly honest, I had secretly wanted to go to a Goth club for some time – win/win, right?

My friends and I first hopped from bar to bar, and even trekked around to search for a refurbished 1920s speakeasy. Then it finally came time to transform into creatures of the night; we had paid our cheap cover of $6.00 at the door and walked through a conglomerate of 80s cheese done up with lights and hand painted posters on black walls.

We walked down the hall then down the stairs to a place where possibilities were endless just waiting for us to take by the horns. DJs Hellraver, Krieg, and Wintermute were spinning the latest and greatest of new wave and dark hits for all to enjoy. My favorite part of the night was the positive attitude that emanated from wall to wall, not to mention inexpensive mixed drinks that could be purchased from a handsome looking Lurch figure at the bar.

Have you ever been to a Goth club? Share your experience below!

– Bryce


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  3. Vampires/goth ppl are real in all ways: Myths, real life and in folktales from way back into the 16th century. They live and don’t wander into one…

  4. I have to say, I have been to a Goth club before. And there is a good reason. Cause I’m Goth. And you may not believe me, but I love drinking blood. I love the taste and all of my friends think I’m a vampire strait from Hell!

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