Coming Soon to DVD: Ninjas Vs Vampires

If you’re one of those people that love terrible B-grade horror flicks then I’ve got some fantastic news for you! Another cheesy, low-budget film titled Ninjas VS Vampires is coming out on DVD May 3, 2011! But whatever could this movie be about? I’m guessing there are some vampires involved, and maybe a few ninjas and I bet they fight. But we’ll check out the movie details to be sure:

According to the Ninjas VS Vampires Facebook page:

“Ninjas battle Vampires for the fate of the world in this all new Action-Horror-Comedy from the creators of 2010’s cult smash, “Ninjas Vs Zombies”!

Moments after down-on-his-luck Aaron is rejected by the girl of his dreams, they both are attacked by blood sucking VAMPIRES. Driven to save her, Aaron tracks down the mysterious NINJAS, who wage a nightly war against the forces of darkness. Now, as the Vampire overlord Seth plots to destroy Mankind, Aaron has only one choice – join the ninjas, save the world, and get the girl… or die trying.

Sexy, funny, shocking, and fun, NINJAS VS VAMPIRES delivers an action-packed comedic adventure unlike any other!”

Starring: Jay Saunders, Devon Marie Burt, Daniel Ross, PJ Megaw, Cory Okouchi, Carla Okouchi, Elizabeth Taylor, Kurt Skarstedt, Melissa McConnell, Daniel Mascarello, William Stendebeck, Dan Guy

Directed By: Justin Timpane

Screenplay By: Justin Timpane

It’s like I’m psychic, or something. Anyway, since I’m not usually a fan of B-grade films I’ll be passing on Ninjas Vs Vampires. But since there are so many fans of low-budget movies out there, I’m sure this DVD will be high on their Amazon wish list. Now, if you are all anti-DVD and prefer Blu-ray, worry not, according to their official website Ninjas Vs Vampires will eventually be available on Blu-ray.

What do you guys think? Will you check out this upcoming film?

– Moonlight

By Moonlight

Moonlight (aka Amanda) loves to write about, read about and learn about everything pertaining to vampires. You will most likely find her huddled over a book of vampire folklore with coffee in hand. Touch her coffee and she may bite you (and not in the fun way).


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  4. Not gonna Lie.. we made a low-budget flick.. almost B-Grade by budget standards.. but not by quality. We’d love to win you over. If you’re a fan of Buffy, you will actually probably dig our flick.. which , while fun and funny.. is not a spoof.. and has real love for the kind of Universe Joss set up.

    For a WAY better trailer, please check out the new one up at

    Either way, thanks for noticing us!!


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