Coming Soon: Vampire Spoof Film

Is this really necessary? Spoof films are dead, people, let’s just move on. From Epic Movie, to Disaster Movie, and the 9 billion other spoof films out there that keep coming with unrelenting gusto, did they really need to make fun of vampire movies, in such a humiliating light? Oh don’t get me wrong, –20th Century isn’t humiliating vampires, they’re humiliating themselves. Lately, it’s just been one disaster after another, –which is sad, being as that they’re one of the oldest and until recently, most respected studios.

The latest embarrassment in a long line of spoof films, is as of yet, untitled. DreadCentral has more details:

“Hollywood continues its love affair with vamp flicks that are completely fangless. Apparently the fine folks over at 20th Century Fox are prepping an as of yet untitled vampire spoof for release this summer. Hasn’t anyone learned anything from Transylmania?

While the title remains a mystery, we do know that the film is coming from Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer, the duo behind such recent “classics” as Disaster Movie, Epic Movie, Date Movie, and the dreaded Meet the Spartans. To further “excite” you for this already doomed project, the film — whatever it is — has already earned itself a PG-13 rating and will be in theatres on August 18th.”

I think they should add a mandatory viewing of these types of spoof films to the itinerary at Guantanamo Bay, –I bet we’d see a massive decline in war crimes, and terrorism if these people knew what they’d be subjected to. Then again, our government might get sued for cruel and unusual punishment, and excessive use of torture. How much do you want to bet the geniuses behind the scenes end up calling it “Vampire Movie”?

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  2. I love spoof movies, though not all of them are created equal. Movies made by the great Mel Brooks are sure to tickle a rib or two including Dracula: Dead and Loving It, Spaceballs, Robin Hood: Men in Tights. David Zucker has also brought us such classics as Airplane! and the The Naked Gun movies, mind you I’ve not been fond of all the Scary Movies but some of them have been pretty good.

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  4. I really liked Dracula – Dead and loving it, but Scary movies… I tried to watch one and it definitely belonged in toilet. Yea, these unfunny toilet-comedies are good way to torture someone.

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