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Continuing the Search for the Highgate Vampire

I received this press release from my online friend Erin Chapman. Allow me to share it with you.


Contact: Erin Chapman Vamped Magazine
Email: Web:

SEEKING WITNESSES FROM THE GREAT LONDON VAMPIRE HUNT OF 1970 (The search is on for people who were at Highgate Cemetery on March 13, 1970)

Vancouver, BC, March 1, 2020 — Vampire writers and enthusiasts, Erin Chapman and Anthony Hogg, have been writing about the Highgate Vampire case for a number of years. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the case, they are seeking the public’s help and would like to speak with anyone who was present or participated in the vampire hunt that occurred at Highgate Cemetery on the night of March 13, 1970. Even if you just have a story about a related experience with the vampire, they would love to talk to you too.

On February 6, 1970, The Hampstead and Highgate Express newspaper first brought details about the case forward to the public when a local, David Farrant, wrote a letter to the paper asking for witnesses in the Highgate Cemetery area regarding a ‘ghost-like figure.’ On February 27, 1970, the same newspaper published a front-page story that said, ‘We don’t want to frighten you, but the ghost of Highgate Cemetery might be a…vampire.’

On March 13, 1970, Sean Manchester, President of the British Occult Society, was interviewed by Sandra Harris for the Today program. He declared the ghost that allegedly haunted Highgate Cemetery was actually a vampire. Later that night, about 100 people flocked to Highgate Cemetery to hunt the supposed vampire and even scaled the cemetery walls when they couldn’t gain entry.

According to Anthony Hogg: ‘Friday, 13 March 1970 marked a turning-point in the Highgate Vampire case. Local letters and Sean Manchester’s vampire theory had attracted national interest…It’s likely no one knew what would later happen that night…’

In celebratory fashion, The Hampstead and Highgate Express actually published a letter Erin Chapman wrote asking for witnesses to the vampire hunt in their newspaper exactly 50 years later on February 27, 2020. What a way to celebrate the anniversary! It can be viewed at:

Further information regarding the Highgate Vampire case can be viewed at:

About Erin Chapman: Erin Chapman is a freelance journalist and Co-administrator for Vamped, an online vampire magazine intended to unite people interested in vampires. She is the Operations Coordinator for the Vampire Studies Association, whose mission is to ‘establish vampire studies as a multidisciplinary field by promoting, disseminating, and publishing contributions to vampire scholarship.’

About Anthony Hogg: Anthony Hogg is the Editor in Chief for Vamped and the President of the Vampire Studies Association.”

Now anyone familiar with the case knows that one of the two principal figures involved, Bishop Sean Manchester, doesn’t like to talk about it. (The second, Mr. David Farrant, has died.) However, if there were a hundred people thereabouts who scaled the cemetery walls that night on a vampire hunt, sheer probability would suggest that some, at least, are still with us. If you are one of those folks and you’d like to discuss what happened that night, hit up Erin at the address provided. Tell her the Cheezman sent ya.

TheCheezman • March 27, 2020

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