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Cool Graves

It is hard for me to be too down on the clickbait sites. We have all gotta make a living, after all, those of us who hawk our wares on the old Internet, and we live and die based on the amount of traffic we get. Granted those sites seem to have more than their fair share of pop-ups and lurking adware. They are the more sleazy guys at the market. We are all out there, shouting to get your attention, offering in this case free entertainment and edification. It is just that the clickbait sites are trying to slip things into your pockets when you stop by to peruse their inventory. They sometimes offer some tasty fare; you just have to be careful, and make sure your firewall and anti-malware programs are functioning properly.

In terms of tasty fare, this fits the bill. Creepy, unusual tombstones and gravesites. Unfortunately the site offers no information to accompany the photographs, and we have no proof that all the graves pictured are authentic. (The zombie-escape-preventer grave, for example, was actually intended to safeguard against graverobbers. It was not designed to keep anything IN. It was designed to keep people OUT.) Still, it is a pleasant way to spend five minutes on the Internet. IF your adware blocker is functioning properly. If it is not, it could take you a long time to scroll through the site. You might want to skip it altogether. I will go ahead and repost what I think is the coolest of the gravestones for you here: the Hello, There! gravestone. (Scroll up. See it?) I also think the skeletal embrace is pretty cool. And that aforementioned zombie cage. The sexy woman tombstone, though, is kinda freaky.

TheCheezman • January 10, 2017

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