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Corrupt Politicians May Kill Zombies

AMC is threatening to pull THE WALKING DEAD out of Georgia because of the state’s archaic and toothless new abortion restrictions. They are not alone. Disney, Netflix, and Warner Brothers have all taken similar stances. What better example is there of the evil and corrupt “world” trying to persecute all the good God-fearin’ “Christians”? At least that’s what the crooked politicians want you to think.

I hate politics as much as you do, and I feel politics has no place on an entertainment site. But if even one yokel reads this and changes his backwards thinking, it will be worth taking the time to briefly address the subject. Listen, people. It is a fact that outlawing abortion will NOT stop abortion. It will not even hamper it. Abortion rates before Roe vs. Wade were on par with abortion rates after; there was a black market for abortions before legalization, and if abortion were outlawed we would go back to that black market. The only difference would be that all the safety regulations that are currently in place would disappear. It will actually COST lives rather than save lives if abortion is again outlawed.

There ARE ways to stop abortion. In fact abortion rates right now, with full legalization, are falling, and have been for the past few years. But there is no quick fix, no easy solution. Simply passing a law won’t do it. The crooked politicians know this, but they’re counting on the good ol’ God-fearin’ “Christians” NOT knowing it. They run on a platform of repealing RvW and ending abortion, knowing such a thing is not tenable. They’re just playing the voters. Their goal is not to save the unborn. It is to get elected and make money. And the average voter isn’t aware enough to recognize it. It’s disheartening.

All ten seasons of the smash TV show have been filmed in Georgia. The upcoming movies would likely be filmed there. It will be interesting to see when the loss of money from the entertainment industry starts to outweigh the money to be made by pandering to (and misleading) the voters and the politicians start altering their tunes.

By the way, I’m a practicing Christian and I live in Alabama. And I would like to see a world where no one needed an abortion. I just happen to realize outlawing it isn’t going to work, and I recognize the true motivations of the politicians who are currently waving their Bibles and professing righteousness. I desperately wish the people around me recognized it, too.

TheCheezman • June 7, 2019

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