Could Anne Rice’s ‘Vampire Chronicles’ Be The Next Huge Remake Series

Movie News Universal, Imagine acquire Anne Rice’s The Vampire Chronicles series

Since word spread about the amazing Anne Rice focusing back on all things “Lestat” in her literary pursuits, the possibilities and gossip have been endless, so when I came across this news I had to share it with you. Universal and Imagine Entertainment have acquired movie rights for ‘The Vampire Chronicles’ series…all of them, if the news is correct.  Now, the only question being will they “reboot” the whole movie series by remaking ‘Interview with the Vampire’ on the big screen.  At the time of the original movie, Tom Cruise was a very controversial choice to play Lestat, (not for the same reason he’s controversial today) but ended up doing an amazing job, even receiving high praise from Anne Rice herself.  Would you go see a “reboot” of ‘Interview with a Vampire’ at the theater?


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  1. Yes, I most definitely would. I loved the way that the characters worked the roles. It would be nice for them to return. But, I will settle to see someone else do the parts if they play the parts right.

  2. It would really depend on everything! The cast, director, how the trailers looks. I really love the original movie, it’s one of my favorite from my childhood and I wouldn’t want those memories trampled by a some modern, polished turd.

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