Countess Elizabeth Bathory: Part 2

Welcome to the second part of the life of Countess Elizabeth Bathory. Before you read this make sure you read Part 1.

Now where did I leave off? Right, we had just gotten to the part where Elizabeth thinks she discovered the anti-aging cure: blood, her way to eternal beauty.

After Elizabeth’s witch, Darvulia, confirmed that the blood of young virginal women would make her look and stay young, the Countess then took the girl she slapped to the torture chamber, slit her wrists and drained her of blood and bathed in it. She then recruited her old nurse, Iloona Joo, her servants Fizcko, Darvula and Dorothea to kidnap and kill more young girls, making the girls think they were coming to the castle to work as servants. She then proceeded to bathe in the blood of all these girls, thinking it was stopping her from aging. On top of the baths she would also drink the blood of the girls. She was known to slit the wrist of a girl, fill up a wine glass with the blood and drink it down.

Even when this crazy woman was sick and unable to leave her bed she still carried on with the tortures. She would have Dorothea drag a young girl to her bedside, as Dorothea held the girl tight Elizabeth would then sit up and bite the girl. First she would bite the cheek, and then she went for the shoulder, ripping out chunks of flesh. Then finally she attacked the poor girl’s breasts.

Over a period of ten years well over 600 girls were killed for Elizabeth’s twisted ritual. Aside from the giant vat she bathed in she also had cylindrical spiked cages hanging from the ceiling. The girls would be put into these cages, then the cage would be rocked back and forth, as the girls were shredded Elizabeth would stand underneath the cage as a kind of “blood shower.”

With every kill the Countess became sloppier and sloppier in getting rid of the bodies. Don’t forget she killed hundreds of girls, all in secret and needed to get rid of these bodies. Bodies were piling up around her estate, later she was even known to throw out random body parts out of her carriage windows. In the beginning, oddly enough, Elizabeth went out of her way to make sure these girls had a proper Christian burial. She enlisted the aid of the local pastor but when he was presented with so many girls that had died in “unknown and mysterious circumstances” he refused to do his duties and help her.

Darvulia always stressed the importance of using only peasant girls, there was an unlimited supply of them and no one cared if commoners went missing. Then Darvulia died and Elizabeth found herself aging even more. Then a new witch came into Elizabeth’s life named Erzsi Majorova and told the Countess that these virgin girls needed to be of noble birth to get the best results. So the obsessed and vain Elizabeth then began to collect local nobility. But it was not easy to get aristocratic girls, especially when word spread that weird things happened at her castle. Elizabeth’s servants had to lie and get peasant girls instead; they fooled Elizabeth by cleaning the girls up and dressing them in noble’s clothes.

The Countess thought her social standing kept her safe; she got cocky and stupid by assuming she could do whatever she wanted. After a while she stopped caring about keeping her deeds a secret. With the bodies piling up all over the place she stopped caring about proper burials and whatnot and just threw them over castle walls for the wolves to have. She did this in full view of villagers. The village priests denounced her but she paid no mind, they were just peasants after all.

But not even someone as noble as Elizabeth Bathory could get away over 600 murders, especially when some of the girls were high class. Finally word was sent outside the village for help, a clergyman notified King Matthias of Hungary who then commissioned Elizabeth’s cousin, Count Thurzo to investigate the appalling claims.

December 30, 1610 Elizabeth Bathory’s castle was raided. Count Thurzo and his men had heard of the horrors but seeing it was even worse that they expected. They found one dead girl in the main hallway, another farther down, still alive, whose body was pierced with holes. Several more were found hanging from the basement rafters like gutted deer, their blood emptying into Elizabeth’s vat. Fifty bodies were exhumed from the basement of the castle; a roster, discovered in Elizabeth’s desk, listed the names of 650 girls that had been murdered, all written in the Countess’s own handwriting. Elizabeth Bathory and her accomplices were arrested.

The trial began on January 2, 1611. It became a huge public event and the packed gallery was shocked to hear detailed accounts of the Blood Countess’s gruesome tortures and the joy and pleasure she got from them. Elizabeth’s servants were the first to get their punishment and death. Erzsi Majorova was sentenced to death. Iloona Joo and Dorothea Szentes were sentenced to have their fingers, which they used to butcher girls, torn out by the public executioner with a pair of red-hot pincers; and after that their bodies were thrown alive into fire. Elizabeth’s dwarf, Ficzko was decapitated, drained of blood and burnt.

Elizabeth herself kept pleading her innocence but was of course ignored. She was sentenced with the words: “You are like a wild animal. You are in the last months of your life, you do not deserve to breathe the air on earth, nor to see the light of the lord, you shall disappear from this world and shall never reappear in it again. The shadows will envelop you and you will find time to repent you bestial life.” Elizabeth was condemned to life imprisonment in her castle (by law she was not allowed to be executed like her accomplices because she was of noble birth).

Stonemasons were told to wall Elizabeth into her cell. She was walled up in a tiny room that only had a small opening for food to be passed through, that’s it.

Three years later on July 31, 1614, Countess Elizabeth Bathory dictated her last will and testament to two priests. She left everything to her children. One month later, at the age of 54 the Countess was found dead in her cell.

Her body was intended to be buried in the church in the local town, but the locals didn’t want such a women to be buried in their hallowed ground. So her body was moved to the town of Esced, her original home.

That was the end of the famous and gruesome Blood Countess, Elizabeth Bathory, the world’s most legendary “real vampire.”

– Moonlight

By Moonlight

Moonlight (aka Amanda) loves to write about, read about and learn about everything pertaining to vampires. You will most likely find her huddled over a book of vampire folklore with coffee in hand. Touch her coffee and she may bite you (and not in the fun way).


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  3. For any foolish young or old person who obsesses to “live” like or become a vampire i certainly hope they read this piece. Thank you for writing it.

  4. Stupid bitch. What right did she have to plead innocent and beg for her life whilst taking sadistic pleasure over her lack of mercy on the lives of others?

    In all honesty, if I was a crazy psycho bitch, I would retain my dignity when caught and convicted for my act. You might as well go down with a bang and laugh maniacally to your own punishments and suffering. Be loyal, finish off the schizo act. Bitch.

  5. “You are like a wild animal. You are in the last months of your life, you do not deserve to breathe the air on earth, nor to see the light of the lord, you shall disappear from this world and shall never reappear in it again. The shadows will envelop you and you will find time to repent you bestial life” you wrote Lord with small “l”, have you gone mad or what?

  6. omg.. me and meh mexican frien, Genesis, just read that. we’er at school and that chick is freaky crazy!!! lol Genesis said that ladies on crack. that makes me wonna kill vampires… i know their real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

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