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Courts and Covens and Cults, Oh My!

I steer clear of all the drah-ma online where “vampires” are concerned. There is no shortage of people claiming to be vampires. Personally I find it a tad hard to believe that, after centuries of life, or un-life, a vampire wouldn’t have anything better to do than post on Facebook. Additionally, I find it hard to accept that a vampire wouldn’t, over the course of centuries, have learned the rules of basic grammar. To be brutally honest, I feel embarrassed for these people. I don’t know if they realize how ridiculous they look. Some of them are just playacting, and I suppose that’s harmless enough in and of itself, but some take it waaaaay seriously.

There are organized “courts” or “councils” of vampires. This in itself might also be harmless. But when or if these clubs—because let’s be honest, here, that’s what most are—become too insular, and when they become self-governing, and they establish their own laws, and members are expected to obey those laws regardless of everything else, including the actual laws of the State, that could potentially be a problem, because that is the dictionary definition of a gang, or a cult. I’m not pointing a finger at any particular group, here, just speaking in generalities, lest anyone get offended.

If you are reading this, then, and you are considering joining up with such a group, I would advise you not to do so lightly. Do some research. Know what you’re signing up for before you put blood to paper. Maybe none of the people in the club are real vampires, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t potentially dangerous. (And no, I’m not saying that all the people in all such groups are potentially dangerous. Generalities, here. Just generalities.)

By the way, I know and count among my friends several Sanguinarians, aka Sanguivores, aka human beings who drink blood. They are terrific people. None of them claim to be anything other than human.

And if by chance some real, authentic, supernatural vampire–the kind of vampire that has survived death, wouldn’t be harmed by bullets, and can turn into a bat–were to happen to read this, I’d love to do an interview with you. Just sayin’.

TheCheezman • April 19, 2019

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  1. woodpecker1925 April 19, 2019 - 6:20 pm Reply

    Or an organized crime”family”!

  2. realvampirenetworks April 26, 2019 - 2:09 pm Reply

    Most Vampires in the community say they are Human Living Vampires not otherkin or not human

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