Creepy ‘Twilight’ Doll Not Used For Movie

A super creepy “Twilight” doll, which was created to play the part of a young Renesmee in the fifth installment of the “Twilight” films, was just too eerie to put on…

Yep, she’s creepy! I can imagine her scurrying away giggling after ripping out the eyeball of the girl holding her. Who created this creepy doll? They should make a horror line of dolls, they defintely would not allow me to sleep at night if I had one in the house. What do you guys think is she creepy, too creepy or just creepy enough?

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  1. She looks as if she’s as grown up as the woman holding her and yes she is creepy in her own way. It’s possible that this little eerie character doll will get her own horror flick.

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