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Crimson City

We received the following press release for an upcoming project entitled CRIMSON CITY. I am passing it along to you, slightly abridged for the sake of space but otherwise unedited by me.

“Taking a Bite Out of the Big Apple Never Tasted So Good

“‘Crimson City: The Series,’ otherwise known simply as ‘Crimson City,’ written and directed by Jennifer Quaglio, aims to change both the course of vampire history in New York City and women in the film industry. Currently in pre-production and slated to begin principal photography in the coming months in New York and the Tri-State area, with Gail Bennett (Anastasia, Broadway) and Kisha Barr (You, Netflix) leading the cast.
‘Crimson City’ compared as Buffy the Vampire Slayer meets Riverdale revolves around Maddie Sanders, a young vampire hunter whose early blunder puts the innocents of the city in shadowy peril. The audience will follow her on her mission to protect New York City from the bloodsucking menaces that now, thanks to her, roam freely throughout the city. Maddie, along with her new friends, embarks on an epic journey that will shed light on the culture of the vampire world deep in the NYC underbelly. It isn’t long before she uncovers the tension between the elegant vampire Brood of the Upper Eastside and the cunning vampire Coven of the Lower Eastside. This comedy – horror pilot features a principal cast including, Gail Bennett (Anastasia, Broadway), Anthony O’Connell
(Aida, Metropolitan Opera), Kisha Barr (You, Netflix), Robert Peterpaul (King Cobra), Cezar Constantine (Thalia, No Me Acuerdo), Jaison Vladimir Leroy (Nasty Woman), and Jennifer Quaglio (Cyberspace Web Series).

“‘Crimson City’ as a series is different from its peers due to its focus on women and their struggles in society. This is often paralleled in the dynamics portrayed in the vampire world. Viewers will not only enjoy watching the show’s misguided hunter dust a few bloodsuckers every episode but will likely find themselves resonating with the deep feminist ideology of the show. ‘Crimson City’ aims to show how women can fight back against oppressive ideology—each in their own unique way. Social equality among minority groups and the empowerment of women is evident in the project, and for the first time in film history, focuses on urban vampires in the melting pot of the world, completely through the female perspective.

“‘In this genre, we see a lot of sexy and pretty people – I like that in Crimson City, it really represents the world. All types. The ‘unconventional’ hero and the ‘unconventional’ villain,” says Producer Carly Otte. ‘Crimson City’ is deeply committed to the representation of all marginalized identities. Many of the characters come from diverse backgrounds of race, gender, sexual orientation, and expression…Garnering intense interest in mere months since the official pre-production launch, with a following dubbed, Crimson Citizens, those interested in the project can find out more and follow for exclusive updates on social medias listed above as well as visiting the show’s website.”

Honestly it sounds to me like the focus is a little too much on politics and too little on story, which is always a recipe for bad fiction, but we’ll see.

TheCheezman • March 2, 2020

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