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CROW Remake Dead In The Water

Lots of comic book in the news this week. I reported on the prospective Morbius movie that may or may not be in the works from Sony. (Watch the financial and critical success of VENOM, I say, to see whether or not we’re likely to see Morbius. If VENOM succeeds, we are likely to see more Spider-Man villains getting their own movies. If it tanks, we likely won’t.) THE CROW was based on a comic book, too, although people tend to forget that. In fact it could be argued that the latter film comprises one of the most successful cinematic adaptations of comic book source material. Because of the high regards in which I and numerous other fans hold the aforementioned THE CROW, I was skeptical about the remake, set to star Jason Momoa. Turns out I needn’t have worried. Both Jason Momoa and supposed-to-be director Corin Hardy bailed on the project. Rumors are that Sony is getting ready to drop it, too.

Honestly, it’s probably for the best. THE CROW shouldn’t be remade. If they simply MUST do another film, have it feature an entirely new character. They’ve done that before. Don’t do a retread of the Brandon Lee film. It won’t hold up by comparison.

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TheCheezman • June 11, 2018

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