Cullens versus Salvatores

Have you ever wondered which mainstream vampire family would win in a battle?

Cullen Strong Point: The Cullen family is comprised of a bunch of misfits; on the contrary, they have each other’s backs and certainly don’t fool around when push comes to shove. Some may say that Alice is the strongest link of the group, only because one would think that having psychic power and foreseeing the future would make it impossible to defeat in the long-run. In my opinion, Jasper is the strongest part of this clan of vampires. He flies off the handle at the drop of a dime and hasn’t quite honed in on his capabilities yet.

Cullen Weak Point: The Cullens are vegetarians, which means they won’t take a taste of human blood at any cost. The fact of the matter is, is that they are not the strongest of their kind in the world of vampires. Only those who feed on the helpless gain “better” powers.

Salvatore Strong Point: Ah yes, the brothers Salvatore. These two strapping young-ish men are quite opposites if you think about it. They somehow make a great team, and are stuck in a gothic love triangle for all of eternity as long as Katharine is in the picture somehow. The boys both have their strong points, but the strongest to me is Stefan. He thinks before he acts and that’s not only sexy, but quite smart on his end. The one who is a strategist gets ahead.

Salvatore Weak Point: These boys are inexperienced. They have only been training since the 1800’s and still they act like teenagers at times. Although adorable, they haven’t quite earned their street cred yet.

Final Conclusion: Jasper takes the cake in a vampire-off. He seems like he could be merciless if he had to choose and won’t look back after the damage is done.

– Bryce


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  3. LITTERALLY,i think some of the CULLENS could beat the SALVATORES but,i think the SALVATORES can also beat the CULLENS.DAMON drinks blood mostly,he would get more power.STEPHAN almost always fights with his brother DAMON,so i think with all that practice he has gotten good.EDWARD,JASPER,and ROSALIE are almost the ones that fight the ENEMIES.EDWARD is the FASTEST and STRONGEST of all his family,jasper reacts tough and ANGRY when he’s fighting and ROSALIE she gets SOOO ANGRY very EDWARD,JASPER,and ROSALIE CULLEN cold WIN the SALVATORES.but also STEPHAN and DAMON SALVATORE could WIN the CULLENS.

  4. sist COME ON,both VAMPIRE families can beat each other but,NOT a WEREWOLF of COURSE i bet JACOB from TWILIGHT SAGA NEW MOON (CULLENS ARE IN THIS MOVIE)can beat all of them but i think THE SALVATORES could beat the CULLENS so there you have it KALIN.

  5. SAVATORES!!!!! Damon is strong and merciles and stephan would do anything to help his brother

    and i love twilight
    but i am i little bit biased although i love twilight Vampire Diares is AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWSOME

  6. I think the Cullens would win because they’re more expierienced and have supernatural abilities, but the Salvatores might win also because they make a great team and they have probably as many other vampires that they know if it was a battle like in Breaking Dawn.

  7. Hi. Both families have their advantages and abilities to win in a fight. In Vampire Diaries it must be Damon who is the strongest and the sexiest by far, he could take my blood any time and in Twilight Carisle takes my fancy very experienced and compassionate followed by Emmet Jasper and Edward.
    I love them both

  8. i think that the cullens would win because the know what to do and they are togethe to make the fight more fun but the Salvatores are hot and they are stronge but i still say the cullens who win. plus edward would know what more they want ot make bafor they make it. alice would see the move once they were sure of it. jasper can make them not want to take the cullens down so there would be no point to a fight. SO CULLENS WIN ON MY PART.

  9. I also think that cullens will win because they have the power,
    energy, and the strengh to fight them all, and I also think that edward is very powerful and fast.

  10. twilight is my frist love but now i love vampire diaries more!! but of course i still love twilight saga. Maygawd ! Damon is soo hot !

  11. i think the salvatore brothers are much stronger stefan is a reaper u know he con takes much blood and reap all their heads off and not talking of damon, katherine bonnie and the originals coz they are now part of salvatores now

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