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Cumberbatch as Dracula

This could be genius casting. Benedict Cumberbatch as Dracula. That’s the rumor going ‘round. Cumberbatch would portray the Count in the upcoming film RENFIELD, where the focus is on the vampire’s number one bug-eating flunky instead of the Count himself. As if Cumberbatch doesn’t already have enough Geek Cred after playing Khan in Star Trek and then Doctor Strange, he could be our next Dracula, too.

RENFIELD is said to be a comedic take on the story. While I have no problem with comedic takes—George Hamilton in LOVE AT FIRST BITE gives one of my favorite cinematic portrayals of the character—this does make me wonder how RENFIELD would fit into the burgeoning reborn Dark Universe that is now up and running with the recent success of THE INVISIBLE MAN. Does Universal intend to keep these movies separate permanently, with no crossover *ever*? But what about the also-in-the-works DARK ARMY, where we know we’ll have several of the classic Monsters appearing? Will RENFIELD be in a separate reality, then? It *is* possible for RENFIELD to be a Comedy that ties in to the other non-Comedy films. Look at all the Marvel movies, how THOR: RAGNAROK and GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY are so funny but share the same reality as dark, grim offerings like AVENGERS: ENDGAME. So many questions. I am content for now to let things play out as they will. And I like the idea of Cumberbatch in a different cape.

TheCheezman • March 7, 2020

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