Damn Nation: A Refreshing ‘New’ Take on Vampire Movies

For those who have gotten tired of pretty, sparkly vampires, there is a new vampire movie coming out called Damn Nation. The movie sounds completely different than anything you’ll get from the Twilight saga, with the vampires in this movie cruelly attacking the world and seeing what remains of it. The movie shows how the government moves all survivors to London, while they try and figure out what the hell to make of the mess the vamps have done.

So what’s new about it? Well, it’s a look at vampires the way some think they’re meant to be seen. No new added twists, no weird interpretations, just blood-sucking, reanimated creatures that are out for your blood. It’s a new look because it’s a throwback to the basics in a time when the world seems over-flooded with misinterpretation. The movie was written by Ashley Edward Miller and Zack Stentz, who also wrote Thor together. And what else is new about it, besides its classic take on vampires? It’s set in the future. And from the sounds of it, the classical take in a futuristic setting sounds even more appealing!

The movie is an adaptation of the Dark Horse Comics 3-part miniseries by the same name. The writers and Paramount have teamed up together in order to bring this classic take on vampires to the big screen. This film though is still in its baby stages as there’s not even a director, producer, or any cast members for it yet. As soon as word is announced, we’ll let all of you who are thirsty for some true blood-loving vampires know. I’m all for Twilight but this one sounds much too interesting and intense to pass up!


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