Damon Salvatore Gets a New Girlfriend

A new squeeze will be added to the cast of Vampire Diaries, –and since everyone but Damon is tied up in romantic drama (okay, well, if you count his passionate love of Elena, then he is too), she’s going to be Damon’s new ladyfriend. Personally, I don’t think the addition of another Damon groupie is necessary, but that’s really just my jealousy speaking. And my wish that they’d really just develop more between Elena and Damon, and stop dropping other girl-toys down from the neverending Girlfriends of Damon claw machine. But, ce la vie, I guess they need to use something to fill the spaces, and why waste time focusing on the main plot, when there’s needless filler?

Hollywood Life has the scoop on Damon’s new lover:

“Playing the local lothario on Vampire Diaries Damon (Ian Somerhalder) has had his fair share of women — and he is getting another lady love! TVLine reports that Damon will be spending some time with a new older woman played by actress Dawn Olivieri. “She’s super-fun to be around, and she’s a woman, not a high school girl,” Ian explains. “She adds a totally different dynamic to the show. She’s very quirky, very witty, she doesn’t have anything to lose. She’s not running from any supernatural entity, she’s just a person.” But what about Elena (Nina Dobrev)?

“The fact that Elena, this beautiful creature that he just adores, could fall to another entity and he has no control over it, really pisses him off,” Ian says. “He has to protect what he loves, and he and Stefan will come together and make this Klaus thing happen.”

So it seems our new lady is more a fake love for Damon.

Well, -duh-. Big surprise there. Of course she’s a ‘fake love’. And I wouldn’t call any of Damon’s loves ‘fake’, except maybe the one he had for Caroline. But his romance with Rose for example, not fake. Rose and Damon were lovers, and more importantly, friends. There are different degrees of caring, and even different degrees of love. Otherwise, how could you explain the love you have for a boyfriend, as opposed to the love you have for your family? See? So she may not be as all-important as Elena, but I’m sure Damon wouldn’t get involved with someone unless he had a modicum of actual feeling for the person, especially since she’s a human. Just a regular old human with no supernatural ties at all. That we know about yet anyway. The first time she sees a werewolf or a vamped out Damon, she’ll probably pee herself. I feel sorry for her already.

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