Dating a Vampire

I don’t know about you, but I’m just not quite sure how those T.V. and movie characters like that of The Vampire Diaries and the Twilight series could stand dating a vampire. There are so many rules, i.e. no sunlight, no biting, and the like that the undead have to follow. I’m sure it could be a bit much at times.

However, I must admit I have wondered from time to time, especially lately now that I have been inducted into the House of Darkness, what it would be like to date a vampire. And perhaps even know one in the biblical sense … if you catch my drift.

With that confession out of the way, here’s what I would do on a date with my dearly un-departed partner. First of all, I would plan a wonderful picnic at the local cemetery. O.K., O.K., that may sound cliché but I happen to think there’s something sexy about old graveyards.

Next, I would map out a route to the closest hospital just for fun. I’d do this so that my date wouldn’t pass out while spending time with me and also to see them in action. Why not, right?

The last thing I’d like to do is hit up another cemetery and write poetry for the duration of the evening. I would have blood-red or black rose petals scattered all around the oldest plot in the joint and a nice, soft black blanket. We would contemplate what it means to die and pose questions to each other about what it means to be human.

Doesn’t my date sound so romantic?

Share what you would do on a date with a vampire below!

– Bryce


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  4. I would take my date on an epic adventure. I would take him to another relm of imgination. My date would sweetly make undead love to me in a historical graveyard.
    I have more but I’ve done this in class so, bye bye.

  5. I’d plan a historic walking tour that ends with red wine at his place. Think of the stories immortals have to share! Although, I wonder if they’d get like that grandpa trait and start every story off like, “You know, in the good old days…”

  6. My date with a real vampire would be really simple: we would meet at midnight in the closet, oldest graveyard in town. (Im not really a sun person, and I think things are more interesting at night anyways.) We would mostly talk about different things, of course asking questions, and just stare up inyo the night. I would love to see the stars and i would ask what they remind him of. I would say good night around maybe 3, or later, and ask him to meet me and do it all over agaain.

  7. namoro com um vampiro bom eu queria muito ser uma vampira serio então acho que o namoro poderio acontecer assim uma noite fria de lua cheia ceú estrelado uma floresta no meio uma casa antiga mais bonita e bem simbolica jardim da casa um cemiterio particular começariamos sim pelas perguntas conversariamos por um bom tempo para nos conhecer melhor sentados em cima de um caixão velas ou lampioes pra clarear o local por eu ser uma mortal ele concerteza imaginaria medo em mim mas podia ver que naum eu o beijava enquanto lobos uivavam ele se contia pra naum me morder ele foi até lá dentro pegar um pouco de sangue pra ele e pra mim vinho algun petiscos pra comer musica nos riamos de coisas que falavamos então eu o puxava pra junto de mim e o beijava com muita vontade trocavamos caricias até que ele me deitou em cima do caixão e me acariciando e sentindo o meu cheiro nos começamos a fazer amor até que um certo momento ele parou num estava conseguindo se conter mais depois de um tempo terminamos nos beijamos lentamente e eu o pedi pra que ele me tornasse uma vampira como ele e ele riu me chamando de louca disse que eu naum sabia o que eu estava falando e eu rrir e disse que sempre quiz naum era só por ele ele agora era apenas mais um motivo e ele me falou que naum era a hora ainda ainda era cedo então esperarei por este dia anciosa ele me deu um beijo e me pediu que eu dormisse um pouco nos seus braços antes que amnhecesse eu deitei ficamos calados por hum tempo até que eu notei o ceú mais claro e o avisei saimos correndo pra dentro da casa e chegando lé ele me perguntou se eu tinha coragen de deitar com ele dentro de seu caixão eu disse e pq naum deitamos eu dormi em seus braços e quando acordei naum sei pq eu estava em casa na minha cama rrsrsrsrsrsrsrsrsrsrsr espero que gostem

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    1. asking a vampire out is actually very easy, just as long as you don’t let them on that you know what they are at first. i have found that if you cover you questions in a conversation he is more likely to answer.

      as to asking him out, i would just ask him to take me somewhere where it is nice and dark, the cememtary is a good place to start.

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