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DC Screws the Retailers

Back in the 90s, Marvel Comics, then under ownership of different people (stupid people, and more greedy than they were stupid), bought its own comics distributor and announced that the only way comicbook store owners would be able to get Marvel comics would be through this new distributor. DC retaliated by going exclusive with a rival distributor, Diamond, and Marvel’s distributor went belly-up. This was one of numerous fubars that caused Marvel to go into bankruptcy. Hard to believe considering where Marvel is nowadays, but they nearly put themselves out of business.

This past week, DC Comics did the same stupid thing that Marvel did back in the 90s. They’ve signed a new deal with a distributor and are forcing comic shop owners to do business with that distributor if they want to carry DC comicbooks. What’s even worse is that DC’s distributor is a shell company for comic sellers that actively work to undercut independent store owners at every turn. The private business owners will have to give a cut of their already meager profits to their business rivals if they want to keep selling Batman and Superman comics. It’s a dirty move on the part of DC, one of a few they’ve pulled since being bought out by AT&T. Greed goeth before a fall, AT&T. You’d do well to remember that. Also Batman would not approve.

TheCheezman • June 23, 2020

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