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‘Dead Cert’ Available Now on DVD and Blu-ray

If you’re looking for some new campy horror this Halloween season then you’re in luck! Dead Cert, a film from the UK packed full of cockney gangsters and vampires, was released a few weeks back on DVD and Blu-ray. From the sounds of the plot description and its reviews it just may be the perfect film for horrible horror night.

Check out the description:

“A gang of tough London gangsters get more than they bargained for when a group of businessmen make an offer to buy their club, the Inferno. They turn out to be nothing less than Vampires wanting their land back and turn viciously on the gangsters when their demands are not met.”

This film has some truly terrible reviews, from folks on Amazon to reviewers on various horror sites, which is why it’s great for a bad movie night. It’s not ALL bad though, the creators of the film have some pretty wonderful things to say about Dead Cert (of course).

“One of the things I strove to give this movie is a sense of history, of vampire lore,” says writer/producer Jonathan Sothcott. “In a lot of ways this is a super-modern version of Dracula, which is a pretty big undertaking given that it’s probably the greatest horror novel of all time. But I wanted our vampires to have a real sense of identity away from all this swooning-teens-in-peril nonsense that has overtaken the genre lately. I’d say our big influences were the Hammer horror movies and the 80s teen vampire movies such as Fright Night, Vamp, and The Lost Boys. Dead Cert is a film not short of homages.”

That definitely makes Dead Cert sounds fantastic and I probably would have checked it out if I had read a single good review on it, but I haven’t, it seems like the film he imagined is not what was delivered.

Check out the trailer:

Will any of you give Dead Cert a watch? I used to have campy movie nights all the time and this would have been a great addition to the bad movie lineup.

– Moonlight

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Moonlight • October 14, 2011

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  2. Novus Vox Vampirum October 15, 2011 - 7:48 pm Reply

    Your article makes “Dead Cert” sound like this decade’s version of “Razor Blade Smile.” Meaning I’ll have to buy it immediately, of course!

    “I’d say our big influences were the Hammer horror movies and the 80s teen vampire movies such as Fright Night, Vamp, and The Lost Boys.”
    You had me at Hammer!

    When it comes to “bad” movies, there’s a huge difference between “love it or hate it” camp cult movies such as “Razor Blade Smile” (that even their detractors have to admit are at least not following the same old Hollywood formulas) and “corpses” such as the 1992 “Buffy” that virtually no one enjoyed watching.

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