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Destroying Vampires Around the Globe

Those who are looking around this site trying to find different ways to kill vampires will find great posts on just that topic here, as well as here. But before you try your hand at all these different methods, hoping that one of them works should you run into a vampire, you might want to first consider where you are in the world. It seems that how you destroy a vampire might also depend on where you live in the world. Different geographic areas and cultures it seems, might have ways that are a bit more effective than others.

Using a cross to destroy a vampire seems to work most effectively throughout Europe. This is thought to be because Europeans tend to be very strict Roman Catholics and so the effect of the cross is especially powerful in these areas. Perhaps European vampires are just a bit more sensitive to the powers that might be than vampires of other origins. It’s also thought that the effect of garlic is to be most effective. The reason for this seems to be fairly unknown but maybe it’s because garlic is so widely used throughout Italy, Greece, and other European parts?

It’s thought that the sign of the cross is also very effective when used on Muslim vampires. However, not just any old cross will do. In this case, it’s best that the cross be constructed of pork chop bones and tied together to make a cross. The reason for this is because Muslims do not eat pork and some even consider it evil. Because of this, an evil cross will be very effective against Muslim vampires.

Jewish vampires will also be repelled by the sign of the cross and because of their disdain for pork, this might be an effective tool in these cases too. Jewish vampires also will not be prone to attack anyone wearing a strand of pork rinds around their neck at night. Another religious symbol that is said to be powerful against Jewish vampires is the Star of David.

Chinese vampires are said to be especially frightened of the Dalai Lama. Because of this, keeping a picture of this religious leader close by at all times is said to be especially effective against vampires of Chinese decent.

As though we weren’t confused enough about the proper way to destroy vampires, should they decide they’re thirsty while in close proximity to us. Now we must also worry about where we are in the world, and just what ethnic and religious origin that particular vampire comes from.

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kate • December 26, 2009

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  3. guests October 3, 2017 - 4:50 pm Reply

    Is this a joke article? What?

  4. Why April 4, 2018 - 9:53 pm Reply

    Um have you considered looking up real vampires they dont bite and eat garlic the di have a more sensitive sense of smell, hearing and vision but thats the health they gain they can eat garlic and look at crosses well im not really religious

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