Direct-to-DVD Twilight Prequel Film to be Made

Could this possibly be an April Fool’s gag? Honestly, that’s what I keep thinking, every time I read the story. But apparently, it’s true as of now. Summit Entertainment is currently planning to release a direct-to-DVD prequel of Carlisle’s life before the big Bella adventure. The release would end up being sometime in between the two Breaking Dawn films; that way, I guess, we’ll have something to hold us over. I have to say, I’ll probably end up watching it, at least to review it, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it sucks. It’s not going to have too many big names in it, including the actor who actually plays Carlisle; he turned down participation in the film, so they’re getting someone else to pay him. Presumably, Robert Pattinson will also be avoiding the film.

Moviefone reports on the new Twilight prequel:

Summit Entertainment announced this week that it will produce a direct-to-DVD‘Twilight’ prequel that follows the life of a young, human Carlisle Cullen before the events of Stephenie Meyer’s books.

Carlisle, played by Peter Facinelli in the films, is the patriarch of the Cullen clan, but he doesn’t have as big a role in the movies as in the books.

The ‘Twilight’ prequel will be released on DVD sometime between the two ‘Breaking Dawn’ films, presumably to satiate restless fans. It will follow Carlisle’s life before Edward (Robert Pattinson) is turned and before Bella (Kristen Stewart) is even born, as he traipses the world with his new vampire powers and new vampire buddies at vampire medical school.

Facinelli reportedly turned down the chance to portray his younger self, and so sources say the role will go to “the guy from ‘The Prince and Me’” (actual name: Luke Mably).

Pattinson and Stewart will not appear in the prequel, but a young Edward will, toward the end as Carlisle turns him. The final scene is reportedly the two “hanging out 1901-style.”

To add to the bite of this new film, ‘Twilight’ author Stephenie Meyer has said on her website that she did not give the prequels her blessing. “Carlisle is darkly mysterious for a reason,” she wrote on her blog. “Plus, who the heck is this guy from ‘The Prince and Me’?”

You know, I realize, sure, the movie probably isn’t going to be that great, but wtf is Stephenie Meyer’s problem? Her novels weren’t exactly Chaucer or Keats, and yet, they’ve made her millions. The movies sure as hell aren’t Les Miserables, or Schindler’s List, –and they’ve grossed record breaking ticket sales. Who gives a SHIT if someone wants to spin-off a b-movie inspired by her material? And someone as clueless as Meyer should know how to use Google, –or Wikipedia, but then again, what with her limited research skills, and the literary understanding of a gnat with birth defects, I can almost understand why she couldn’t even bother to give an actor, who never did anything to her, the respect of at least naming him. “The guy from The Prince and Me” is Luke Malby, Meyer, you great pillock, and he’s got more class in his pinky toenail than you have in your entire combined genealogical lineage. Grow up, show some tolerance, and stop whining.

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  2. youre right she shoudl stop whining. besides their is already a lot of spoofs of twilight out there (Vampires Suck for example) so why should it bug her if they want to do a spin off and focus on another character in the book. it would be nice to know a bit more of the mysterious Carlisle Cullen, we learn a lot about everyone else (even Alice) so why not about the father figure through out the book? if she wants to get mad about something, why not all the stuff focusing on Twilight and rope that in a bit. (i for one have seen soo many creepish things its scary, like an Edward Cullen Barbie doll *shudder*)

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  4. “To add to the bite of this new film, ‘Twilight’ author Stephenie Meyer has said on her website that she did not give the prequels her blessing.”

    …? They say she says this on her website, but I can’t find anything about it.

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  6. …This is an April Fool’s joke by the way, confirmed by looking at Moviefone’s actual page about it.

    The link to find out more at the bottom leads to a Youtube video of Nelson from The Simpson’s doing his “Haha”.

    Though honestly, all the “The guy from the Prince and Me” things made me suspicious of it, which is why I ended up checking Meyer’s website for the supposed quote from her.

    This site has saddened me on many occasions with the needless bashing of Meyer, and I must say that the reaction here about Meyer’s supposed quote instead of searching further into whether it was true or not is the final straw. But then, I guess that’s just -your- limited research skills at work. From your point of view I guess you and Meyer have a lot in common, huh?

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  8. I’m sorry but the dude who played Carlisle in Twilight was absolutely perfect for his role, and not to mention extremely handsome. I’m only speaking for myself when I say this, but a prequel soley about Carlisle can only be pulled off by using the original Carlisle. I mean, we’re going to have to stare at him for the entire movie, and he’s the subject of the movie, too, so the best possible Carlisle should be chosen for the main character, as his role is the most important. But if the movie is created without using Meyers rendition of Carlisles past, then its not truly Carlisle afterall. You could look at this in two different ways, that it makes no difference whether they make the movie or not because we know its not really what Carlisle went through, or that the mvie should not be made because lots of people could possible mistake the movie to be the true Carlisle when its not. I stand with the former but I do think that they should try to extract his history from Meyer as best they can to makeit more accurate, because it IS her idea anyway. Carlisle was a product of Meyers imagination, therefore she knows the true Carlisle. Thanks very much for reading! I hope I gave you guys something to think about.

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