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Disney Does Dracula

Okay, no, not really. This is fake. But it caught my eye because somebody went to a lot of trouble with it. I can’t imagine *why* that somebody would go to such trouble to create such an extensive history for a movie that never existed, but who am I to question another’s creative impulses? (Yeah, I know, I do it all the time, but not in this case, a’ight?) It honestly wouldn’t have surprised me if Disney *had* tried to do its own version of DRACULA, though, given some of the inappropriate properties out of which they’ve fashioned animated films in the past. I remember eye-rolling when they released THE HUNCBACK OF NOTRE DAME. Had anybody involved ever actually *read* the novel? Trying to turn that book into kiddie fare was a ridiculous idea and it resulted in a ridiculous movie. Almost as ridiculous as Disney’s wretched TARZAN. Did they have any inkling of just how bloody Edgar Rice Burroughs’ original TARZAN novels are? The violence is the central theme! And they replaced it with Rosie O’Donnell as a singing ape. Uncle Walt would have rolled over in his grave. It’s a short step to go from misfires like those two films to an animated, kid-friendly DRACULA.

Disney *did* do its own version of DRACULA, though, in a way, and in an acceptable way. They gave us the character Count Mickula, who is not to be confused with Count Duckula, who works for another company, Cosgrove Hall Films, or Filmation’s Quackula.

TheCheezman • February 8, 2019

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