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Do Sanguivores Have an Extra Chromosome?


Oh, you wanted more? Fortunately I have more to offer, so I will oblige.

I have to give credit to my friend Alexia over at The Red Cellar for bringing this to my attention. The claim, that is. Alexia does not profess or believe the claim; she merely mentioned it. She dismisses it as the probable case of pseudoscience that it is, as do I. The condition of having an extra chromosome, 47 instead of the normal 46, is called “trisomy,” and there are two types: autosomal trisomy and trisomy of the sex chromosomes. With the former, most cases result in a miscarriage. For those who do have it and survive to birth, there is a guarantee of mental retardation and/or physical defects of greater or lesser severity. With trisomy of the sex chromosomes, the results are less pronounced. An individual with trisomy of the sex chromosomes might grow taller than she would have otherwise, or he might have smaller testicles and grow breasts. It’s also possible that the “defects” would be so muted as to escape notice.

There is nothing whatsoever in any of the extant medical literature to suggest trisomy could lead one to crave blood. I wonder if those who profess having trisomy and claim it as the reason for their craving of blood also exhibit any of the defects associated with the condition?

The concept may have originated with TWILIGHT. In those books, vampires are said to have extra chromosomes. (So says the online community. I wouldn’t know from firsthand experience, as I’ve never read any of those books or watched any of those movies.) I wonder if, when Stephenie Meyer was inventing that particular trope, she was aware that having extra chromosomes causes retardation and birth defects. And I’m not talking about sparkling in the sunshine, either.

I’m trying, I’m trying so hard, to avoid making any jokes about that “undersized testicles” thing where Edward the Sparkling Vampire is concerned. Trisomy, in the real world, is nothing to be made light of. But in fiction…No. I shall refrain. I shall refrain.

TheCheezman • July 27, 2018

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