Do You Have Taphophilia?

I have to admit, I do. And it’s not a bad hobby for anyone interested in vampires to get into. Who knows, it might just lead to your very first vampire sighting!

Taphophilia is the passion for, and the love of cemeteries. Taphophilia includes many different things, other than just walking around and looking at tombstones. Taphophiles, which is the term used for people who have taphophilia, enjoy things such as famous epitaphs, rubbing gravestones, drawing cemeteries, taking pictures of tombstones or cemeteries, and studying up on the history of famous deaths.

I have to admit that I have a certain love of cemeteries. There’s just a certain niceness to walking around and seeing the writing on all the stones, famous quotes or short poems. And some of the statues and tombstones are just so grand and beautiful. I do think it’s sort of a shame when cemeteries opt for just name plates instead of actual stones. There’s just something so insignificant-looking about a metal plate that’s been pressed into the ground to mark the final resting place of someone.

If you’re feeling a sudden urge to explore your own taphophilia and want to check out some very cool cemeteries, you’ve got to head to Louisiana! Because the risk of flooding is so high in Louisiana, and because of course, the government wants to be fully respectful of their deceased, the graves there are actually built above-ground. And when you walk amongst them, you actually feel as though you’re walking around a bunch of tiny little houses with actual roads being paved in rows between the headstones. Very cool, indeed!

I love cemeteries! And now that I know there’s an actual definition for it, I don’t feel nearly as freakish about it. Although, I still don’t think that I have the kahunas for wandering around one after the sun has gone down.

– Kate


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  3. Graveyards can indeed be gorgeous, and vampire movies need such atmospheric settings! One of my favorites is old Highgate cemetery in London.

  4. wow… thats really cool… me 2 i’ve always felt atracted 2 z cemetries.. dnt kno why..but its really a different place when u can find z ancient flavour..

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