Do You Still Love Twilight?

Oh yes, it’s time for another Twi-hard discussion!

There was a time when I couldn’t step foot in a store without seeing Twilight themed goods all over the place, Twilight had taken over everything. I’d go to any shop and see Twilight shirts, Twilight jewelry, giant Twilight DVD displays and more. The same at bookstores, they ALL had big Twilight displays, some even had an entire section of the store set aside for Twilight alone. But, I’m not seeing this anymore. I haven’t seen an Edward shirt or a Jacob keychain in a while. Even those Twilight character dolls that were once so popular are no longer selling well. It appears that the hype is dying down significantly. It’s not only in stores, but with fans too. People who once argued with me (I don’t like Twilight) over how awesome Twilight is are no longer speaking its praises to anyone anymore. When the big Breaking Dawn trailer was finally released it didn’t get the same amount of love and attention as past films. Countless people that used to be obsessed with Twilight hate it now and trash talk it with the rest of us. It leaves me wondering how many Twi-hards are left, hence the title of this post.

How many of you here still love Twilight? I have written countless posts on this site trashing Twilight, it’s no secret that I absolutely despise the series, I always have and always will. Now, every time I would write a negative Twilight post I would get slammed with hate mail from the Twi-hards – old, young, male and female readers would give me all sorts of hell for saying the tiniest bad thing. But if I were to write something bad now would I get the same response? I seriously doubt it. Yes, there are still loads of Twilight fans, but it looks like the love for Twilight is fading, it’s been so over-hyped that many are sick of it.

I have no intention of writing any more hateful Twilight posts, it has been done to death and honestly I find it boring now. The reason for this particular post is to find out how many of you still love Twilight as much as before. Has your Twi-love grown or faded over the years? Do you think Twilight has the goods to stand the test of time like other popular vampire novels, can you picture teens 20 years from now reading the series? Or do you think it’s only a temporary love, that one day it’ll be forgotten?  Leave a comment below sharing your thoughts on it, I’d love to hear from you.

– Moonlight

By Moonlight

Moonlight (aka Amanda) loves to write about, read about and learn about everything pertaining to vampires. You will most likely find her huddled over a book of vampire folklore with coffee in hand. Touch her coffee and she may bite you (and not in the fun way).

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The hype has definitely died down; three years is a long time to be in the pop culture spotlight. It’ll pick up somewhat in November when Breaking Dawn Part One is released, but Twilight will never be as hot as it was in the latter half of 2008, when the last book and first movie came out.

I still love Twilight; I was psyched for the most recent trailer. Am I going to collect every new piece of RPatz-KStew memorabilia, get gold contacts, and camp out in Forks? No, I’m a middle-aged man, and I was a vampire/horror/fantasy fan before Twilight; I saw The Hunger and read Interview and Lestat a quarter century ago.

I wonder if the haters (not you, Moonlight, I mean the obsessive, ranting haters) will miss Twilight being at forefront of pop culture most of all. After all, the fans will always have the books and movies to enjoy. The haters need a trend to bash.

Will Twilight stand the test of time? Hard to say. Some once-popular and critically acclaimed books and movies become obscure over the years, while other works that were unappreciated during their original release manage to acquire cult followings. I think that as long as it resonates with some young readers, Twilight will keep being rediscovered and will endure in some fashion.

That was a fantastic reply, thank you :)
And I agree with you, I think some of the haters may miss it as well, some folks always need something to complain about.

Count me in as a hater. Never liked it. It has always been terrible to me, and it always will be. But I don’t go around actively hating it. I’d rather spend my time singing my praises of the stuff I DO like.

That said, while it’s terrible in and of itself, there’s a big fat extra layer of hate from me simply because Twilight has set a precedent that vampires have to be super sexy, romantic figures, but are otherwise not monsters at all, and hardly even truly sexual. As a huge vampire fan, I wish more vampire horror was being offered, but there’s a huge imbalance toward romance’s favor, and Twilight is a key instrument in that. By all means, don’t stop publishing the romantic stuff. I understand that there are people who like it. But there are people like me who like their vampires SCARY too, and we’re clearly being neglected. There’s not nearly as much vampire horror being published right now, and what vampire horror there is is harder to find, and even then, much of it is just riding the coattails of the zombie genre.

I understand all too well that Twilight didn’t introduce the sexy vampire, the romantic vampire, or even the sissy completely un-monstrous vampire, but it’s tipped the scale in favor toward those vampire archetypes, and part of the reason us horror fans are so sick of it is because there’s not enough of what WE want out there.

I agree. Us blood and gore types have been neglected in the past few years. However, I found peace in Darren Shan’s books and continue to buy his new books close to when they come out. The next Larten Crepsley book comes out on the 29th !!!! ^^

Okay yeah twilight has died down but I kind of like it this way cuz then ppl will get off my back about loving them as much as I do and Im sorry twi-hards gave you hell about talking trash about twilight to be quite honest I never gave a damn what others thought of the series everyone is entitled to their own opinion lol and as for will twilight stand the test of time- who knows maybe maybe not ppl would end up watching the movie anyway…so yea I don’t know all I know is that the ppl who said they were fans and now hate twilight never really were fans

its great to see a beautiful love story between a human and a vampire.
the movie could be more frightening… however i enjoyed it a lot..

I think that the Twilight books are wonderful, and the excitement from the books was still up in the air when the movies first came out. As the movies have been released, however, I continue to be thoroughly disappointed. Kristin Stewart especially did not do the books justice and made Twilight a laughing stock. Her comments make me question the series as a whole, but reading them again, I found that original excitement again, and just prefer to ignore the movies.
Besides, Twilight wasn’t made to be about vampires and the stories of vampires. It’s a beautiful love story for teenage girls. What teenage girl would want their soul-mate to burn in the sun and be a ruthless killer? None. Stephanie Meyer made a series that was able to give teenage girls a taste of mythical tales while still making it a love story that appeals to them. She did a wonderful job.

I love the movies and never could understand why people went overboard both ways. I consider the haters as bad as many of the lovers. It is a work of fiction I enjoyed and I don’t know why it was diced, sliced and dissected by everyone. The last movie is part of one book so it leaves you with a cliff hanger much like it did with the Harry Potter final two. I have liked all the movies and am awaiting the last. Just because it varies from a lot of stories doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with them. Unfortunately someone close to the family moved to Forks (not a young person either) and it wasn’t even filmed there, hahaha.

If you remember Star Wars had a big fan base that went haywacky over it with all sorts of things seen in numerous places about that. I didn’t care for it but I didn’t go around making hate posts about it. I didn’t like the characters and being a science fiction buff for many years, it just didn’t appeal to me. Too each his own.

I don’t know what people expect to find going to any of the places in the movie. It sure boosted tourism in Forks and that was good for them. There have been films in the past with enthusiasts that went overboard as well as those who said they didn’t like them to be cool. If some don’t like the movies, then why are they watching them? How can you know about them unless you watch them? Each one leads to a final outcome. I don’t stick to stereotypes of vampires ala Stoker. I didn’t care for his book that much in all actuality or his mixing of werewolf legends with vampire. That’s my opinion but some versions and they varied some a lot from the book were very entertaining. I feel the same way about the Twilight movies. They are fiction and for entertainment only. Don’t you wish you were the author and made all the money she has made? That is what writing is all about, it is a job that some are lucky to make money doing and I don’t know why anyone would complain about her stories that are merely fictional and out of her head. There is no right or wrong in this case. Movies are a different medium than books and they will rarely be like the books because insignificant things have to be cutout or changed to satisfy an audience that has to sit for a long while and watch. A book you can put down and come back to. It has always been this way. Judge them separately and don’t compare them. This is why I have yet to read the books. Actually the last book was for adults and she gave it away to her sister. Then she re-wrote it with a slightly different name and the publisher made her tone it down. I know dozens of adults that like the movies. My daughter works in management in a theater and all ages come to see them, including the last one out. They had four full theaters the first night for it, in her theater alone and its in a small town. I hear people complain about movies all the time that come from books. Get over it because they just won’t likely be the same. Look at all the adaptations of “I Am Legend, ” and that is all these movies are, adaptations of the books…period.

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