Do You Suffer from Sanguivoriphobia?

Do the ideas of vampires walking among us terrify you? Can you not even watch Twilight, one of the tamest vampire movies by far, without shaking in fear just a tiny bit? Many people like the creepy crawly feeling that many of the most gruesome vampire flicks and books can give us, but to many, they’re just another way to get scared for no good reason. And those people who really might get scared to the point of panic at even the thought of vampires, it could be a bigger concern.

Sanguivoriphobia, is an actual phobia and literally translated means “fear of blood eaters” or, in other words, the fear of vampires. People who suffer from sanguivoriphobia may become stressed and upset at the mere thought of reading a vampire book or watching a vampire movie. In fact, there might be nothing more horrible to them because they often want to completely block out anything having to do with vampires. Those who suffer from a severe case of the condition may even become convinced that vampires roam the Earth and may even be highly suspicious that many of the people around them may be a vampire.

While some may snicker at the thought of such a condition, there are other actual phobias that go along with sanguivoriphobia. One of these, and a phobia which sanguivoriphobia could be classified under, is teratophobia. People with this phobia have a fear of monsters in general, which vampires could be called, often rightfully so. While people under the age of ten generally aren’t diagnosed with this condition, adults who suffer from a severe fear of things like vampires, werewolves, and all things supernatural and spooky in general, could be suffering from teratophobia.

I think many of us suffer from sanguivoriphobia in one form or another. Even if we love thinking and talking about vampires, sometimes what makes a book or film so great is when it’s gruesome and gory. Sure it’s scary. But that’s all part of the fun.


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