Do You Want to Belong to the Temple?

I have to admit that I find most of my research on vampires to be pretty fascinating stuff. Reading of the folklore, legends, myths, and of course the different TV shows and movies is all pretty interesting to me. But today I ran across a site claiming that they are the “Temple of the Vampire.” Feeling rather skeptical, I wandered into the website to see what they are all about. Turns out, you won’t find much, except maybe that they want your money.

The Temple of the Vampire website begins by asking you if you want power, wealth, health, pleasure, and immortality. Well who doesn’t, right? But this website seems to think that by joining on to become a Lifetime Registered Member, and by purchasing a copy of The Vampire Bible from them, you’ll have everything that you’ll need to quick gain all they promise and more. At first, I was intrigued. A vampire Bible? I didn’t even know there was such a thing! But the website will offer little more than that info until you pay some money. At which point of course, the world is yours. Or so they want you to think. Here’s the deal.

The Vampire Temple is offering The Vampire Bible at a cost of $20 for a softcover and $35 for a hardcover. Once you have purchased the Vampire Bible (and only then), you can then apply to become a Lifetime Registered Member. Then you’ll receive your piece of jewelry that will identify you as a member of the Temple and you’ll be able to aid in different rituals of the Temple (although the website is very sketchy on just what those rituals include.) Once you’re a Lifetime Registered Member, you can then even meet with other members in person! Unless of course, you’re under the age of 18. Then you’ll have the title of Active Member instead of a Lifetime Registered Member, and won’t be able to meet with other people. I mean, vampires. Of course! The Temple doesn’t want to get into any legal squirms about introducing minors to God knows who – but they’ll still be plenty happy to take money from those very same minors. Oh, and did I mention? Any type of membership to the Temple costs $10 a month. Yep, ten whole dollars every month!

Has anyone visited this website? Or is anyone a member? It sounds like a bunch of phooey to me and I’d like to know if anyone has had any interaction on this site. And if so, if it’s legit. Because it sure ain’t sounding that way to me! Although, I would like a peek at that Vampire Bible. Only because that really does sound cool!


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  2. I am right there with you hun. I did some research on them as well and came up with less than you (kudos on your digging skills *wink*), there’s just too little info on them. It sounds like a giant scam to me.

    1. It’s all real I became a member and did the ritual at home I felt the presence of the undead vampire they took my life force and I passed out woke up and I ended up having abilities to drain others rather easily which gave me energy energy that made me feel like I was just born ..the undead gods protected me from those I came In contact with who are my enemies they appeared to others I didn’t like …the next day i saw the same guy and he was shaking as he saw me .I felt powerful
      This is real and it’s very addictive the life force u can feel the energy inside u as u choose your victim imagining almost like octopus tentacles sucking their life force unawares

  3. the Vampire bible is real, But if some one puts a y in vampire thin it is not real, real vampires are spelled vampire or vampier. now though if you do join i do not know, cant really say. all i can tell you is how it is relay spelled and that the bible is real.

  4. Now i was looking at a site, and there is one thing about it, They do not want you to drink blood. BS, If you are a vampire you need blood, so yes this site is not true mostlikly, In order for you to be a vampire you must feed on blood.

  5. I’ve read a copy of the ‘bible’ and it’s rubbish. It’s 10 pages of bollocks. Save you money, click onto Amazon and buy a used copy of The Satanic Bible, it’s a much better read and at least Anton LaVey put some effort into it.

  6. I agree with you..I came across this website about a year ago and i was interested but i just think it’s all a scam and BS…

  7. I enjoyed reading the Vampire Bible and personally I see nothing wrong with their $10 monthly fee for membership. I am sure that many of the major religions in the world like Chrisitainity, Judaism, and Islam got their mony through warfare and theft. From what i read on their site it seems pretty intersting

  8. Just for clarification, the site is legitimate. The TOV is recognized by the government as a legal and organized religion. In response to the blood drinking, the TOV is not at all related to the vampires of lore and legend – so it’s not necessary or even regarded as acceptable. Also, there is absolutely no connection between the TOV and satanism, so the comment regarding the two is misleading.
    If you had actually read the website, you would have gathered the general concept of the religion. You do not have to be a full fee paying member to buy the Bible.

    Anyway, what you choose to believe is completely up to you. I’m not here to change your opinion, just to offer information you seem to be misinterpreting or simply lacking.

  9. search the pirate bay for the golden library and you shall find your 5 vampire bibles within

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  11. Hello iv ordered some audios from the site the one audio is power projection sorcery,I also have out of the nine laws of magic 1,2,and 3 so I did the power projection to get the other laws of magic from the website and guess what they want money first,so the power projection was a lie they block one with the want of money,so it is a scam,and also I stay in South Africa,when the audio is 20 and I must pay 400 that’s a vitrification in the price if it is 20 then I must pay 20 this currency is also a scam,the temple of the vampire audio will say the universe is in us to have the power to get the experience we want if that is true I should have the experience of the other laws of experience with the that’s it from me.

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