Doctor Who: Smith & Jones

Smith and Jones,” is the first episode of the third season of Doctor Who, and in it there is a vampire on the loose on the moon! A hospital ends up being transported to the moon by a group of aliens who bear a striking resemblance to rhinoceroses. And they’re not a very happy group of rhinoceroses.

This is the episode where the Doctor meets Martha Jones, an intelligent and sassy woman and future doctor. The Doctor is posing as a patient in a hospital where Martha Jones is an intern. But the hospital ends up somehow on the moon, after a strange rainstorm that only affected the hospital.

Fortunately, the people inside do not die after finding themselves on the moon. The hospital seems to be protected by some sort of pseudo-atmosphere. For the time being, anyway. And if being on the moon with rhinoceros aliens wasn’t enough, they are looking for another alien who happens to be a fugitive from their form of justice. And this is another creature who isn’t very friendly.

She’s in the appearance of a human woman at the moment, but apparently that isn’t her true form. She feeds on blood, and through consuming blood she is able to change her form, or shape-shift, into the form of the victim. And so the rhinoceros aliens are scanning all humans for alien DNA in search of her. In the episode, she drinks from the throat of the humans using a straw. Sip, sip.

It’s a really fantastic episode, and a really amazing show. It’s brilliant, and funny. And there are other episodes throughout the series (this new one, and also the older ones from between 1963 and 1989), with vampires. And my favorite kind of vampires are the fun ones, like the ones in this great show.

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