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Dracula and Elizabeth Bathory: The Most Evil?

Anytime you see a list like this one here, detailing history’s most “evil” people, it’s a safe bet you’re going to see Hitler’s name crop up. (Nazis in general are going to be well represented.) Pol Pot will be there, probably. Lenin. And somewhere on that list will be the names Dracula and Elizabeth (Or “Erzebet” in Hungarian) Bathory. Sure enough, they are there on this list, too. But do they really belong?

Elizabeth Bathory was probably guilty of the crimes of which she was accused. Probably. But there is a chance she was framed, and that this was done for political reasons by her royal rivals, as a handy means of getting rid of her. Likewise, the atrocities of Vlad Dracula, aka The Impaler, were probably reported correctly. Yet it must be noted that those crimes were reported by people who were politically Dracula’s enemies. Long before the advent of Faux News, people were telling lies about their political rivals. Slandering and mudslinging are nothing new. The further one goes back in time, the less trustworthy such accounts become, including trial records. They didn’t have Snopes or FactCheck back then. Where the inhuman crimes of Dracula and Bathory are concerned, we must, in the interest of factuality, list them as “probable but undetermined.”

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TheCheezman • July 25, 2017

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  • Terry Washington

    It is probably true that Vlad Tepes(Impaler);s atrocities were exaggerated by his enemies- significantly he remains a national hero in Romania for his defence of his kingdom against the Turks!