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Dracula at the Torture Museum

Last week I offered a review of the Medieval Torture Museum, a (still relatively) new attraction in Saint Augustine, Florida, the nation’s oldest and most haunted city. (Yep, it even beats New Orleans in that department. It has the most violent history, the most dead people buried in unmarked graves, victims of disease outbreaks and warfare, and it’s older, thus it isn’t surprising that it would have more ghosts.) The Torture Museum is a perfect fit for the city, in other words, and I loved loved loved it.

If you are like me, as you read last week’s article, you were wondering the same thing I was wondering as I entered the Museum: Is Dracula featured in here? I mean, impalement surely qualifies as torture. How could a museum dedicated to torture in the Middle Ages NOT mention Dracula? I had a feeling he’d be in there, and sure enough he is.

Thinking about having this inserted into one of your bodily orifices isn’t particularly pleasant.

While I wanted a full-size mockup with mannequins, both Dracula and victim—ideally I wanted a recreation of the woodcut scene where Drac is dining amongst an army of impaled corpses, but logistics and economics would make that understandably difficult to execute—at least good ol’ Vlad got mentioned on a wall plaque.

TheCheezman • September 30, 2018

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