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Dracula Goes Bang

As I sit typing these words, the new BBC miniseries DRACULA, starring Claes Bang as the Count, has completed its run and is currently available on Netflix. You may well have viewed it by now. I alas have not, and will not be able to do so until the series is released on DVD. It has been announced that the three-part miniseries will come out on Blu-ray on February 3rd—in Britain. Thus I am forced to either wait for the American release or else purchase the one from England and pay an exorbitant shipping and handling fee, and then *hope* that my American DVD player will play the fancy English discs. It pisses me off, but in a way it’s nice to have something to look forward to.

In the meantime, though, I can watch the last trailer for the series. And try to avoid spoilers (which ain’t easy when you write for a website devoted to vampires, let me tell ya!). And I can talk about how DRACULA is connected to the DR. WHO universe. (Although I’ve never been much of a DR. WHO fan—maybe I’m just not British enough—and I don’t really care.) Or check out some behind-the-scenes news. The main thing I can do, though, and will do, and will have no choice but to do—is wait.

TheCheezman • January 12, 2020

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