Dracula on Roller Skates: Because Why Not?

“The idea of a production intentionally being so bad it is brilliant is well-trodden terrain, but that is no reason why it cannot be revisited…” 

I think that’s a fair point, and since this isn’t a movie, it can be forgiven for being a little too schlocky. Plus, it’s meant to be a comedy. The title of the play isn’t exactly clear, –is it Dracula! Mr. Swallow – The Musical or is it just The Play that Goes Wrong? The actors are brilliant, the story is non-existent, and believe it or not, there is a play inside a play, maybe… inside another play? The fourth wall is basically demolished.

The play is about a play, starring “Mr. Swallow” who plays Dracula, and acting every bit the tyrannical monster that Dracula is. He re-works the script, steals scenes as other actors, and yeah, at some point, he enters on roller skates. So if you’re in SoHo and need something to do… check out the theater. This is on until March 7. 

By annimi

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