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DRACULA UNTOLD Director to Set Sail on the QUEEN MARY

Now *that* is a set! Talk about location filming!

The QUEEN MARY is, along with her sister ship the QUEEN ELIZABETH, one of the world’s two most famous—or infamous—haunted ships. (The most famous haunted ships still afloat, that is.) It surprises me that a movie hasn’t been made about the ship already. It has enough ghost stories to, well, to fill up a luxury ocean liner. The director of the excellent, underrated, but incomplete DRACULA UNTOLD, Gary Shore, is going to be bringing us QUEEN MARY, with Brett Tomberlin of WINCHESTER producing. We don’t know any specifics as to the plot, and no names are attached to the project yet in relation to acting talent.

The QUEEN MARY is today retired, sitting at dock in California after a 30-plus year career as a superliner. (She even did military service in World War Two. She was painted grey to help camouflage her from enemy ships and planes, earning her the nickname “Grey Ghost.”) There are numerous stories and legends associated with the ship, some of them apocryphal (the cook who was murdered and cooked in his own oven; the disappearing “vampire” passenger who vanished after murdering a young prostitute) and some well documented. Nowadays the QUEEN MARY serves as a tourist attraction with restaurants, a museum, and a floating hotel.

TheCheezman • February 5, 2019

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