‘Dracula Untold’ Is To Make It’s Debut At HHN 2014

According to Universal Orlando’s blog, visitors will first pass through the frightening cave from which Dracula first emerged.

‘Dracula Untold’, due out this October, will have a smaller scale of itself brought to life this year at Halloween Horror Nights in Orlando.  You will start your fear journey in a small dark cave resembling the one the actor appears from on the movie set.  Moving through the house, you are put in the middle of the decimated town where Dracula has unleashed his anger and vengeance leaving no man left standing.  Your final bloody journey brings you front and center with Dracula’s castle itself, filled with corpses and a dying Dracula.  Would you like to go see the ‘Dracula Untold’ house this year at HHN 2014?

source: www.mynews13.com

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  1. Yes, I would. I am going to see Anne Rice’s vampire chronicle: Interview With The Vampire remake. I hear the vampire year is over, but I doubt that! The vampire will rise above that just like it does with everything else. The vampire rules!

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