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Dracula Untold Now A One-Off?

A few weeks back I reported hopefully, based on comments made by star Luke Evans, that 2014’s DRACULA UNTOLD might be a part of Universal Studios’s plans for a shared cinematic universe, that it would in fact be the first installment. It was certainly filmed that way, based on the final scene in the movie. Going all the way back to before the movie opened we were getting mixed messages from the studio, but now it seems that definitive word has been given by someone who ought to know what he’s talking about—Alex Kurtzman, director of next summer’s new THE MUMMY flick—that DRACULA UNTOLD will NOT be a part of the shared universe. Note that I said, or typed, “ought to.” There’s still a chance that he’s wrong, since Universal has largely been making things up as they go and no official announcement has taken place yet.

I’m actually good with it either way. If the Luke Evans Dracula isn’t brought back, that hardly means there will be no Dracula. You can’t have a shared Universal Monsters Universe WITHOUT Dracula. Worst case scenario, then, is that we get yet another incarnation of the Count, the character that is already the most frequently depicted onscreen. What’s one more? And the next one could be really cool. For that matter, they could still use Evans and just ignore the storyline laid down in his previous movie. However they decide to play it, we’re gonna get more Dracula, sooner or later.

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TheCheezman • January 1, 2017

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