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Dracula versus The Mummy

No, sadly it isn’t a new movie. Even more sadly, it isn’t an OLD movie. Can you imagine if this were one of the classic Universal Monsters offerings? Indulging the fantasy, we’d have Bela Lugosi in the role of Dracula and either Boris Karloff as Imhotep or Lon Chaney Jr. as Kharis. Either one would be glorious. Alas, it never happened, and can happen now only in our fevered dreams.

No, I’m talking about the competition between the movie poster for DRACULA, currently the record-holder for most expensive poster in existence, and the number one contender and former champion, a poster for THE MUMMY. When the latter again goes up for auction, it is believed by the dealer Sotheby’s that it will regain the top spot from the DRACULA poster, the spot it ceded to the latter in 2014.

The THE MUMMY poster is actually at number three on the list of most valuable posters, ranking behind DRACULA and LONDON AFTER MIDNIGHT. The last time it went up for sale, it netted over $450,000. But Sotheby’s claims the poster could go for over TWICE that amount this go-round. That might be a tad overly optimistic. We will see when the gavel falls on Halloween.

TheCheezman • October 22, 2018

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