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Dracula’s Cameo on PROJECT BLUE BOOK

If you haven’t been watching the History Channel series PROJECT BLUE BOOK, now in its second season, you’re really missing out. Yes, the series is 90% hooey. While each episode is inspired by a real-life case and the show as a whole is based on the real Project Blue Book, which was the code name for the Air Force’s investigation into UFO phenomena—and the lead character, Professor Allen Hynek was a real person who really did work for Project Blue Book—the stories are largely fictionalized. The show is entertainment, not documentary, but as entertainment it is a rousing success.

The most recent episode involved the show’s heroes Professor Hynek and Captain Quinn visiting Area 51. I particularly enjoyed this one as it brought back fond memories of my own visit to Area 51. And what a surprise it was to discover that Dracula had been involved in the case they were investigating! No, you never saw Dracula onscreen, but a missing soldier turned up murdered, impaled on a tree, his body drained of blood. I ask you, who *else* could it have been? The question this begs, which will, no doubt, be answered in a forthcoming episode, is just how Dracula got to Area 51 in the first place, and what was the grudge he bore against that soldier?

TheCheezman • February 16, 2020

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