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-Dracula’s Cannonballs

Balls. CANNONballs, that is. Cannonballs that belonged to Dracula. The historical Dracula, that is. And by “belonged to” we mean that they were fired from cannons at his order. It’s doubtful he ever handled any of them directly. A few have been found in Bulgaria. But how did they end up in Bulgaria? The cannonballs are believed to have come from Vlad’s battle with the Turks over the Zishtov Fortress in 1461. They were fired from culverins, which were primitive cannons, and are actually rather small, about the size of eggs. I don’t recall much about this battle. I’m going to have to go back and reread some of my Dracula books.

This linked article mistakenly refers to Vlad as “Count Vlad,” thus muddying the already muddy waters wherein the biographies of the fictional vampire Count Dracula and the historical (even scarier dude) Vlad III get comingled. Vlad Dracula III was actually a voivode; the latter word is usually translated as “prince” but the meaning is closer to “warlord.”

Man oh man, I want one of those little cannonballs. I don’t care if Dracula never held it in his hands. It’s one degree of separation from the man himself. I wonder if any of those little stone balls will end up on eBay?

TheCheezman • June 18, 2019

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