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Dracula’s Castle in THE NUN?! Kinda!

No, your eyes weren’t deceiving you. That really is Corvin Castle, aka Castle Hunedoara, aka Hunyadi Castle subbing for the haunted convent in the new hit fright flick THE NUN. I knew it as soon as I saw it—and so did the people sitting near me in the theater, as I announced, and not too quietly, to my lovely better half seated in the seat next to me, “That’s Corvin Castle!” Man, it looks GOOD on film, too. Perfectly grim, menacing, spooky, and yet beautiful. Terrible, but beautiful.

Corvin isn’t Castle Dracula. The real Castle Dracula is the ruined fortress at Poenari. Also, the Romanian tourism department will tell you that Dracula’s Castle is Castle Bran (and it is possible that Bran did inspire Bram Stoker when the latter was dreaming up his fictitious Castle Dracula). Frankly, though, Corvin LOOKS more the part of Dracula’s Castle (its ominous appearance is undoubtedly why the movie’s producers selected it as the setting for their film) and it DOES have a connection to him, as Dracula, the historical Dracula, Vlad III, was held prisoner there for at least a little while.

THE NUN, then, was filmed, in part, in the actual castle where Dracula was kept as a prisoner! How cool is that?!

TheCheezman • September 11, 2018

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