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-Dracula’s Castle Overhyped and Overrated?

Don’t click on this link. I’m serious. This isn’t like one of those jokes where you walk into a room, and there is a rope dangling from the ceiling, and someone has put a sign on it stating “Do Not Pull”, and obviously that’s going to make people pull it. Click on that link, though, at your own peril. It is pure clickbait, and so loaded down with pop-ups that it might freeze your Internet feed. Why would I include a link to it, then? Well, because I’m making reference to it, and it seems a little too close to plagiarism to do so without crediting the original article—even if I am warning you against clicking on the link that will take you to it. The article is entitled “Overhyped, Overrated Tourist Traps to Avoid at All Costs.” It is a listing of all the world’s most famous, legendary, and sacred sites, along with manufactured reasons that you should never visit them. These reasons all boil down to the same basic gripe: they’re crowded. Well, yeah. Disneyworld is crowded too, but we still like to go there.

Now let’s talk about Dracula’s Castle. Is it something worth seeing? Given that the “official” Castle Dracula, Castle Bran, is not, nor was it ever, the real castle of the historical Dracula? Yes, it is still worth seeing. It is mandatory, even, for a Dracula mark. It’s a beautiful castle, and it might have some links to Dracula after all. It seems not unlikely that Vlad Dracula would have stayed there. And Bram Stoker may have used the picture of it he saw in a book AN ACCOUNT OF THE PRINCIPALITIES OF WALLACHIA AND MOLDAVIA by William Wilkinson, when creating his fictional Castle Dracula.

TheCheezman • June 30, 2019

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