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DRACULA’S GUEST without Dracula?

On the surface, this linked article, which asks “Is DRACULA’S GUEST even about Dracula?” seems like the exception to that old saying “There are no stupid questions.” I mean, seriously, the guy’s name is in the freakin’ title. Of *course* it’s about Dracula. Reading the article, though, what the author is really asking is whether or not the huge wolf that shows up in the story and saves Jonathan Harker is meant to be Dracula or is something else, i.e. a werewolf or another vampire. It would seem to me a given that the wolf is Dracula in his transformed wolf form, but the analysis of the text here is cogent and illuminating.

The question as to whether or not DRACULA’S GUEST is really the removed original first chapter to DRACULA, however, seems like a moot point at this juncture. The evidence is simply too convincing that this is the case. (The author would seem to agree.) A much better question involves the reason why it was removed in the first place, and whose idea this was. Says the author: “The whole tale is rather confusing and certainly feels as though it needs to be embedded in a larger tale.” I agree, though I do see it as belonging to a larger tale—the novel DRACULA. It’s akin, to me, to the deleted scenes of a beloved movie, not seen in the theatrical run but available on the subsequent DVD, extant to be enjoyed on its own merits.

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TheCheezman • November 12, 2018

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