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Dracula’s Lament

I like Jason Segel, despite not liking most of his work, or at least the work he is known for. I despise that sitcom he stars in, HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER. I’ve seen a few episodes, and it’s typical dumbed-down sitcom joke-bait. And I didn’t at all care for FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL. It’s the kind of uneven joining of a chick flick and a bro movie that I don’t find remotely funny or interesting. I only watched it because somebody tipped me off to the Dracula puppet show subplot. THAT I liked. I bought the mp3 of the song “Dracula’s Lament,” performed by Segel. If you aren’t familiar, check it out. It’s really cute.

There was talk after the movie came out that the Dracula puppet show would be expanded upon and would be performed, even going on tour. Segel has said that he had the idea of doing it for real long before he did the movie, but was advised against it. (Bad advice, in my opinion.) Will we ever get to see the Dracula puppet musical, for real? “I make stuff that’s really interesting to me, and hope that other people will be interested, too,” Segel said. “I get asked [about the project] so much. It seems like there’s enough interest in it that maybe I should at some point try to do the full-length musical…At one point in my bizarre mind, I was planning on doing that as a standalone musical, so maybe I’ll reconsider it!” I hope he does. I’d buy the soundtrack, and go see it if it came near my neck of the woods.

TheCheezman • November 23, 2017

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