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Drinking Up the Vampire

I hit up a nearby Appleby’s this past weekend. I had to check out the Vampire Freaky Tiki rum punch (for only a dollar!).

It was tasty. Fruity. My friend who had gone with me ordered the “Spooky Sips” Tipsy Zombie. It came with a little gummy brain floating in it.

Okay, so it doesn’t look *that* much like a brain.

The Vampire came with a set of fangs. Appleby’s also had available a drink called “Dracula’s Juice,” but it was more expensive than the Vampire so I opted for the latter.

Plus you got the fangs with that one. Cheaper and with a special prize? Yep. That’s my bag.

Then, at the movie theater, I had to try the special Addams Family Spooky Black Cherry Icee.

(Check out my review of the movie here.) And by try I mean I took a couple of sips from my lovely wifey’s. Way too much sugar in those things for me to have a full one all by myself. It was yummy. Looked a little gross, which was the point, but tasted yummy.

I love this time of year, when one can enjoy such novelty spooky-themed items. I was a little disappointed that Burger King didn’t bring back their special black Nightmare Whopper this year. Must have cost ‘em too much to dye all those buns black.

TheCheezman • October 25, 2019

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