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Dueling Posters

Dueling claims, dueling posters. Lon Chaney versus Bela Lugosi. This article here claims that an original DRACULA movie poster, from when the movie was released in 1931, recently sold at auction in Dallas, Texas for $525,800, making it the most expensive poster ever sold. (At that same auction, a PHANTOM OF THE OPERA poster netted $95,600 and a lobby card for THE MUMMY went for $26,290.) Not too shabby.

But wait! THIS article claims that a LONDON AFTER MIDNIGHT poster, which sold for $478,000, was the record-holder. It also claims that, prior to the sale of the poster in question, the record was held by a poster for THE MUMMY, which sold for $453,000. The price paid for the DRACULA poster tops both of them, though, so which claim is accurate? The answer came to me when I checked the dates. The latter article was written in 2014. For whatever reason it just this past week popped up in my newsfeed. The sale of the DRACULA poster occurred in 2017. Ah, there we go.

Here, then, is the official lineup:

1. DRACULA movie poster—$525,800
2. LONDON AFTER MIDNIGHT movie poster—$478,000
3. THE MUMMY movie poster—$453,000+

And they’re all classic Universal Monsters posters. Fitting.

TheCheezman • August 26, 2018

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