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Ed Wood vs. Tommy Wiseau

For some time, friends have been telling me I need to watch THE ROOM, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet. “You, of all people, have to see it!” they told me. “You won’t believe how bad it is! And you LOVE bad movies!” Well, yes and no. I love a certain TYPE of bad movie. I haven’t watched THE ROOM because it isn’t a genre film. Simple as that. No matter how ridiculously hokey, no matter how unintentionally hilarious, it’s not a Horror flick or a Sci-Fi flick. There are no superheroes. It’s a “straight” picture, and as a general rule, straight movies don’t interest me, even awful ones. Now that they’re making a movie about the making of THE ROOM–the James Franco-starring THE DISASTER ARTIST–I guess I’ll have to go ahead and bump it up on my list. But I can’t quite manage to work up a lot of enthusiasm about it.

This article, here, does a good job comparing THE ROOM with the title-holder for “Worst Motion Picture Ever Made,” PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE. Or, more accurately, comparing THE DISASTER ARTIST with Tim Burton’s film ED WOOD, comparing the two movies made about the making of the real movies. It chafes me a little, though, to have Ed mentioned in the same sentence with this pretender Tommy Wiseau. Because no matter how bad it is, THE ROOM cannot in any way compare to PLAN 9. Not even if it’s bad in a wonderful way. There is simply nothing else like PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE and there never will be.

If the current furor over THE ROOM helps to introduce new people to the works of the REAL master of the bad movie, though, then it’s ultimately a good thing. Just don’t put ’em on the same level. Wiseau couldn’t carry Ed Wood’s angora jockstrap.

To quote the last line from the article: “Ed Wood…arrived in Hollywood too early. He was the original disaster artist.”


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TheCheezman • January 4, 2018

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