Elena and Damon… in Paris!

Ah, l’amour… at least, I hope. As you all know, I’m a devout member of Team Damon, and according to the latest on the blog-o-sphere, Damon and Elena are headed to Paris. Stars Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev have apparently been dating! Le gasp! But, though they are vacationing together in Paris, they’ve brought their moms. Dun, dun, DUN! Maybe the moms will find love too, who knows? But I have to say, although it is incredibly adorable that Damon and Elena might be hooking up in real life, the whole “moms along” thing is a serious buzz kill. How exactly are you supposed to get realy romantic/freaky, when your mom is a room or two away in the same hotel? Gross!

The Examiner reports on the couple, promenading in Paris, to a chorus of screaming fans:

“The Vampire Diaries stars Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev are vacationing together in Paris. The couple even brought their respective moms to the trip with them.

While Ian and Nina have kept their relationship pretty much under the radar, they’ve been dating for quite some time now. The couple was seen and photographed as they walked in the city with their arms around each other.

The Vampire Diaries love birds looked very happy together as did their moms. The onlookers in Paris were also quite happy, as they are huge fans of the show, reported PopSugar.

The site claims that Ian is number two on their PopSugar 100 Face Vampires and Werewolves list and could possibly overthrow the current number one spot holder, Robert Pattinson. Nina is on the list s well, coming in at number nine.

Ian and Nina reportedly went to Paris in celebration of their show’s renewal at last week’s CW upfronts. Incidentally, next season has been touted to be in large part about the couple as their on-screen relationship will begin to blossom.

In the Paris photos, Ian and Nina are shown strolling the Paris streets while holding each other close as their moms walk nearby, while they shop and take in the sights of the city.

Honestly, could two people more gorgeous happy to be in Paris at the same time? Maybe if Elvis and Marilyn Monroe were vampires, and happened to be having coffee in the same cafe as Somerhalder and Dobrev. I really do hope that tis will be one of those young, screen couples who make it. On-set dating is always such an intrigue, and I wonder if Paul Wesley ever gets real-life jealous? Or if Damon’s jealousy when Paul and Nina are doing their acting sexy business thing… is always -just- acting? And how cool is it that now that Somerhalder and Dobrev have come out as a couple, –their characters are going to start getting cozy too!? The next season of VD is going to rock your socks. What do you guys think of the couple? And does this count as a victory for Team Damon? That’s what it’s going down in my book as…

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  3. Big yeahh for the couple ! there just one thing bodering me in this article and that’s that Damon still is only second on the hottest vampire list I mean Patterson? really ? I don’t think so Ian is the hottest for me :p

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  5. wow, i cant believe that the real Damon and Elena are dating, and hopefully on the show they hook up for real (since Stefan has gone crazy for blood, again). i hope it works out for them, in both the show and life.

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