Elena’s Exit Strategy on The Vampire Diaries Revealed: But Wait, There’s More!

On the April 23 episode of The Vampire Diaries, Stefan brought Caroline’s humanity back, while Nina Dobrev’s exit strategy was revealed — read the recap!

I think Caroline’s best match isn’t really Stefan; I think Stefan, at this point, probably should have just stayed with Elena, I mean… look at the mess everyone’s in. I wonder whether things would have gotten so messed up if the relationship between Stefan and Elena had worked out better. But then again, dating Stefan has its own pitfalls, since he’s always flipping out, and out of all the guys on Vampire Diaries, he probably cries more than the rest of them put together, except maybe Matt. 

So anyway, Elena’s going out with a bang, –I don’t think it’s going to work out the way everyone says though. Damon is telling Elena she has to take the cure, but! he’s taking it with her. How’s that supposed to work? There’s one little vial of blood, so… is that really supposed to be enough for both of them? There’s a fast-future-flash-forward thing in the last episode, so we know that Elena survives, we just don’t know how, or if she’s human. I’m seriously doubting at this point that Damon is going to be with her, or be human, during the flash forward, because dude… he can’t leave the show too, then it would really suck.

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