Elena’s Parents Come Back From the Dead?!

Could Elena’s parents make an appearance in The Vampire Diaries, or was Thursday’s episode really all about Sheriff Forbes?

I love pop culture theories, especially the ones that aren’t about sexualizing Disney movies. So what if Elena’s parents return to Mystic Falls, and isn’t this strangely similar to how there was a much bigger story behind the death of Sookie Stackhouse’s parents dying in a flash flood? Of course, there is a huge difference here: Sookie’s parents didn’t come back, on True Blood or in the books. 

But The Vampire Diaries universe definitely allows for a certain amount of flexibility where life and death are concerned. I mean, how many times have Jeremy and Bonnie crossed back and forth over the lines of life and death? Click through to the source to see just why it’s totally possible that Jeremy and Elena’s parents might cross back over into the realm of the living.

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